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Head Office/Tojo Factory
(Distribution Center)

Head Office/Tojo Factory

Kobe Office
(Sales operations)

Kobe Office

Kobe South Office
(Research and Development Center)

Kobe South Office

Head Office/Tojo Factory(Distribution Center)

Our main factory is located in Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is rich in nature.
The molding factory has the latest ISO-14644-1 (international standard - "cleanliness evaluation") class 8 clean room, and uses high-performance filters and static eliminators to eliminate particulate contamination (bacteria and dust) from products. I will protect you.

〒673-1336 402-3 Higashitarumi, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture

Kobe office(sales operations)

This is a factory located in Port Island, Kobe City.
We have a high reputation for producing physical and chemical products such as two-color molding machines, self-developed automatic machines, optical microscope systems, and high-performance 3D printers.
In addition, the view of Kobe Port from the rooftop is beautiful, and you can enjoy the summer fireworks festival from special seats.

〒650-0047 3-3-18 Minatojima Minamicho,Chuo-ku, Kobe City

Kobe South Office(R & D Center)

In the fall of 2022, he will establish a new 1ha production base on Kobe Port Island.
The clean room maintains ISO-14644-1 (International Standard - "Cleanliness Evaluation") Class 6.
This is our main factory with the best production equipment in the company.
In addition, the view from the rooftop is outstanding, and the factory is full of openness.

〒650-0047 7-2-2 Minatojima Minami-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture